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97 minutes


Configuration & Architecture

Basics- Views, Blades, Controllers

Security - Authentication, Authorization, Session


Miscellaneous - Traits, Artisan console, Cache, Collections

Brief introduction for the TLDR reader. Just a few sentences that connect the dots and overall concepts of the tests.

PHP has been in the market for a very very long time. PHP frameworks like Laravel has made the use of PHP a lot efficient and organised.  Like any other framework, Laravel also follows the same concepts of using HTML templates, connection to database, authentication and authorization and delivering content to the users. This gives the team a more structured and standardised PHP project, where they can focus more on building websites while the framework does the heavy lifting task.

Before choosing a candidate as a Laravel developer,it is important to comprehensively check their understanding of the framework.
All questions in the test are based on the general understanding of Laravel and its core concept. Hence, should be known by beginners as well as strong developers, thereby evaluating the candidate’s true understanding of the concepts.

Which use cases can customers have for this test? / Who can use the test?

You can pick this assessment if you want to:

  1. Test PHP developers, who has experience in Laravel, mostly the conceptual understanding of the framework
  2. Filter out candidates for your work based on their subject-matter clarity
  3. Test if the candidate is aware and has knowledge of working with databases in Laravel.
  4. Screen numerous candidates and pre-select highly competent ones, who canl help you with your Laravel projects.

¿Qué áreas (capítulos) se cubrirán en la prueba y por qué se eligió de esa manera?

Configuration & Architecture
Configuration and architecture are the first and foremost area which a developer comes across. As simple as it may be, it is equally important and critical for the app performance and quality. Configuration in Laravel includes details like database connection informations, mail server information, application details like name, timezones, encryption keys. Different environments, like development vs production server, may require different configuration details for the same app. So it is necessary to have a clear understanding of configurations. Architecture in laravel relates to the concept of how the framework functions. It includes the understanding of the task related to each part of the framework. When working in team, candidates should use this kind of an organised app structure, which makes it easy for multiple developers to work together in sync and stay in same page.

Basics- Views, Blades, Controllers
Laravel is based on MVC architecture, Model View Controller. Hence it is important area to be well versed with A laravel developer work with these framework components such as controllers, views, blade templates, requests, responses regularly. This chapter includes the topics which covers business handling logic, the frontend of the app, handling requests and reponses. One cannot function without the other. An absolute must; how well a candidate understands these determines how strong a developer he/she is.

Security - Authentication, Authorization, Session
Securing a web application is the responsibility of the developer. The developers make sure our app uses all the tools and features that a framework provides to safeguard our app from malicious attacks. Laravel provides a number of security tools which can be used to implement security features like authentication, authorization, encryption, verification. The familiarity of candidates with these features will help you determine how experienced they are in laravel.

Laravel has a wide range support for 5 databases currently and includes Eloquent (ORM). This makes database interaction in laravel fun, easy and maintainable. Creating an efficient database connection and designing the models is important for the performance of the application. A candidate well versed with this part of laravel is definitely a strong candidate you might prefer.

Miscellaneous - Traits, Artisan console, Cache, Collections
Being a framework, laravel has numerous tools and components which supports all the task you can think of having in a web app. It is not possible to test a candidate on all grounds. However, few important ones are touched in this chapter like traits, artisan console, cache and collection. A candidate who has idea on these topics can be considered as a good one.

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